Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Cozy Oasis

When my boyfriend and I moved into our apartment, life was already crazy.  We had lived in Toronto for almost two weeks with his brother while we looked for our own place, he was already working 9-5 and I was already in the Humber program 9-5.  When we found our adorable little apartment, we had no time to make any decorative decisions -- in went the couch, the bookshelf, the bed, the table and on life went.

Now, six months later, we finally had the time to stop and take a look at our apartment.  What had the potential to be a cozy oasis was stock full of unneeded things and space that was not being maximized at all.  While I pride myself on being a pretty creative person, I have never fooled myself into thinking I now how to properly decorate.  One night, on the phone with my mom, I mentioned how I felt and she immediately jumped at the idea of helping me re-do our apartment.  My mom not only adores re-decorating, she is oh so good at it!

So, earlier today, my mom, dad and our family dog, Shiloh (or as I call him, Shiloh Bumbino) arrived with bags of little trinkets, throw pillows and dinner!  After two drips to IKEA for little do-hickeys and one more bookshelf, some elbow grease from my dad and Jay and a touch of comfort from my mom, we have that cozy oasis that we have so badly wanted! 

I am writing this very blog post in our living room, which has been completely transformed.  I love it!  Here are a few pictures!  My favourite parts are the new centerpiece on our table, the lovely throw pillows and the re-organized bookshelves.  It's so nice walking in the door and seeing it, knowing it was put together during such a nice day with me, Jay and my family!


Yaseena said...

ahhh love the new look of the living room! So cozy and with all your books laid out it looks great :)

KIKA said...

oh I love it! and that bookshelf? *SIGH* envy I tell you! Thanks for stopping by the blog :)

Natalie said...

Super cute! It definitely looks cozy! I can't wait to have a place of my own to decorate! Sounds like you had a fun day with your family :)
PS...is the picture in the background of the eiffel tower from Ikea? Because I have the matching picture of Amsterdam! :)

Ikhlas said...

Wow it looks so comfy! I can pick out HP even from a distance, hehe!

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