Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quite the Collection

Before Simon & Schuster, I had never had a signed book.  I never really cared all that much.  The story lived in the pages, so why did I need someone to scribble in black marker to make it more special?  Now, I see things slightly differently.

Simon & Schuster has given me the opportunity to meet a surprising amount of authors in the past few weeks.  As I watched them talk about their work, I realized just how special that scribble actually is -- this is their pride and joy.  The story you lost yourself in, held close to you when you finished, was all a creation in this person's mind.  Their words, their hands, reached down and touched the most tender parts of your soul.  Their signature is from the same hands that crafted a world you fell in love with and THIS is what is so special.  I was shocked by the humility of some of these writers.  When I told Alice Hoffman that I had just started reading The Dovekeepers and thought she was a beautiful writer, I could almost see her cheeks turn a slight pink.  Her thank-yous were from that somewhere deep inside her; perhaps the same place her stories come from.  This woman was pure magic.

Here are a few of the wonderful writers I have had the privilege to meet in the past few weeks!


(Lucie is my mom and Jason is my boyfriend -- just to clarify!)  


Natalie said...

Super jealous you got to meet Alice Hoffman and Philippa Gregory!! I can't wait until I'm done in London so that I can drive down to Toronto for some of these great book signings...they need to bring some of these authors to St. Catharines or London!!

Amy said...

That is an amazing collection

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