Sunday, November 13, 2011


Whipped is a word we hear used all the time in our daily lives -- mainly concerning the status of a man or woman in a relationship.  Used to describe someone who can no longer function outside of another entity and who becomes completely vulnerable to it, whipped is never positively implied. 

Confession: I, ladies and gentlemen, am whipped by Cecelia Ahern.  Let me explain.

One summer night while I was in high school, my longtime childhood friend and I headed to Chapters, as was our once a week ritual.  She picked up a Cecelia Ahern book and I grabbed some other chicklit novel.  I had heard of Cecelia Ahern and loved the P.S. I Love You movie, but had no real interest in reading her.  In a matter of days, my friend called back gushing about how magical and adorable the book was.  Though we don't share the same taste, I was in a bit of a reading rut and couldn't find anything I liked, so I took her advice and got myself a copy.

I devoured If You Could See Me Now in a matter of days and right before going up north with my family for a week, bought myself the rest of her books.  During that week, I fell in love with Cecelia and since then, we have had a very passionate but difficult relationship.  With the exception of P.S. I Love You (her first novel), I have read every novel Cecelia has written.  As soon as her newest book comes out, I am in the bookstore.  I check her website every few months for updates on her books.  But here's the problem: I don't always enjoy them the way I used to.  There is no way to tell if I have grown out of the new age fairytale stories she writes, or if her style has just evolved into something I no longer melt over, but my reaction to her books has been altered over the past few years.  But, I still buy them.  I am still seduced by her adorable persona, the magical covers, the promise of enchantment within the pages. It has been concluded: Cecelia Ahern has me whipped.

She's just so adorable!
 So, of course, at Book City on Friday when I saw her newest novel smiling at me from the shelves, my heart skipped a beat.  Will I love it? I can't say for sure.  Will I buy it?  You bet. 

Oh Cecelia, why must you do this to me?  (Ps -- I love you.)


Natalie said...

Hahahaha! I loved this post! It was so cute! I haven't found an author that has made me whipped yet, but I think that Stephanie Perkins is getting pretty close! She's only written two books so far but I have fallen in love with them both...Jenny Han may be the next author in line...her summer series captured by heart!

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