Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hardcover Blues

Books are all about the story, but when you fall in love with books as physical objects TOO, it makes things more difficult.  As a teen and in my early twenties, my book buying method consisted of going to Chapters, browsing the backs of books and finding one that suited my mood.  I stayed away from hardcovers because I knew I couldn`t afford them anyways.

Now, because of Goodreads, being in the industry and a part of a tremendous blogging community, my book buying methods have been altered significantly.  Now, I know about a book I want to read before it is even released and suck it up when I have to purchase the hardcover for $20-35.  If I bought one book a month, it wouldn`t matter as much -- but this is not the case.

So now, as Christmas nears and I feel selfish just thinking about buying myself a book, I am feeling the hardcover blues.  Tomorrow, my boyfriend and I leave on a train to Montreal for a few days, will train back, and then drive to my family`s home in Niagara.  All that traveling a moving around will require reading material and although I have tons of books to read already, a spectacular review of Anna Dressed In Blood from the Nocturnal Library has me counting my pennies.  Then I stop when I notice it is in hardcover and Shatter Me is in paperback.  Though Anna Dressed In Blood seems more my thing, the extra $9 and weight of the book actually has me reconsidering.  Shatter Me has been on my to-read list for ages, but when I noticed it was in paperback, I decided -- yes, I would buy it!

Knowing I have to travel and transport gifts as part of my luggage, toting around a few hardcovers seems a pain.  I also miss the malleability of a paperback and the ability to pull the covers wide open and dive right into the text.  I always find myself fumbling with the hardcovers more.  Though this stuff really shouldn`t matter -- it is starting to!  Hardcovers are beautiful on the shelf, but this doesn`t mean much to me at all.  I will proudly display a torn up paperback just as easily as a pristine hardcover.

I know the answer to the problem would be an eReader and though I have tried, it just doesn't do it for me!  I am a paper lover through-and-through.  What about you?  Do you have a preferred reading format?


Ikhlas said...

Awww, you're so cute Chelsey :) I know that feeling too...hardcovers really do weigh you down. Both books sound intriguing (I just saw you mark Anna dressed in blood as 'to read' on Goodreads!), so I have no calculative method to give you. :(

But have fun on your trip to Montreal, ma cherie! I hope you're able to pick one. :)

Natalie said...

I actually prefer hardcovers! Although they can be super heavy I love the fact that they are slightly more durable then paperbacks. I usually wait for some kind of sale though before I dish out the cash to buy a hardcover....unless its a book that I am dying to read! And I am definitely a paper lover as well! Reading on a device just isn't the same as turning the pages of a book and being able to physically see how far you've read. Have fun in Montreal :)

Yaseena said...

I'm on the fence really. Like Natalie I love the durability of a hardcover, and Chels you know that I am OCD about keeping my books in perfect condition lol so the hardcover helps with this, although I read in bed more than anywhere else and trying to prop a hardcover up while I'm sleepy can be a pain. Its seems like more and more YA is coming out in hardcover too which can be annoying, especially when you're halfway through a series that you started in paperback and then the new ones come out and they are all in hardcover - oh the insanity - haha makes my head spin sometimes with all the decision making. I spent a good half our yesterday trying to decide which version of the next two nightshade books I wanted and still haven't decided :P

Have a great time in Montreal - say hi to our city for me :)

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