Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Lover's Ball is Coming!

I feel like a terrible blogger.  I haven't written, reviewed or even made an appearance in a week.  BUT there are good reasons for this.  And this is one of them:

The Annual Book Lover's Ball! If you have no idea what this is (which was me a few months ago), definitely go and check out their website.  Each year, this ball is organized for authors, industry professionals and important guests to celebrate food, fashion, but above all, literature.  Renowned chefs appear, a multitude of Canadian personalities and of course, the authors that we all love.  There is a silent auction, dinner and a fashion show, which is inspired by a selection of chosen books.

So this year, bent on not missing the action, I volunteered to help with the event.  Hala Events and the Toronto Public Library Foundation have put together what is bound to be the most glamourous evening I have ever experienced!  I am extremely excited.  But, due to the prep work, I have had little time to do much else.  Last weekend, Jay and I went to visit friends of ours in London, which was such a nice trip, but that didn't result in much reading either.  I just finished Brenna Yovanoff's THE SPACE BETWEEN and will have a review up shortly!  Just pondering over it a bit for now..

Hope everyone has had a fantastic week so far!


Danika said...

My sis and brother in-law are going to this event, I lent her a skirt! Sounds like soooo much fun!

Natalie said...

LOVE that dress!! So amazing! Can't wait to hear about your time at the Book Lover's Ball :D

Ikhlas said...

Wow that sounds like so much fun, Chelse! Can't wait to hear how it goes...hope you have fun!

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