Friday, February 24, 2012

Good Book Overload

 I have felt like a bit of a literary deadbeat the past two weeks!  But the truth is -- I have been reading like a maniac, just ... not the same book.  I seem to be having "Book ADD" right now.  Each time I turn around, a new and fabulous looking book has arrived into work, or goes on sale at Chapters Indigo, or I have won it somewhere.  I can't keep track and I want to read them all!  My goal to stop buying new books and read all the old ones I have hoarded, has slowly slipped out of reach.  I pick up a book, read the first 50 pages and then grab another and do the same.  I have read the beginning of far too many novels in the past two weeks and have finally settled down to two.  Except for the two orders I placed recently that will most likely both arrive next week.  Oh ...no.  New goal: finish these two books and happily read the new ones that come in then!  Problem: THE CATASTROPHIC HISTORY OF YOU AND ME just came out... and DELIRIUM is now in paperback... and Anne Rice just wrote a new book...

Anyone feeling this kind of dilemma?  Ok -- it is written out and now I will stick to it!  Here is the potential reading list for the next month and a bit:

Finish recommendation from friend Alexis at Gin & Rhetoric, THE STRAIN (love me some horror lately!) and THE GILLY SALT SISTERS which is turning out to be completely different than I originally expected.

Read THE HUNGER GAMES before the movie comes out because I think I truly am the last person to read this book.  Next, THE SMALL HAND for Alexis' Book Club on the Gin & Rhetoric Facebook page!  I have never participated in a Book Club read and actually very excited!  Then will probably read SOULLESS and CHANGELESS, which I have been gushing over since I came across the series on Goodreads.  It comes highly recommended from friends and bloggers, so here we go!  Then I will most likely start my adventure into the world of the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES -- another series I missed the bandwagon with!  Or I might buy DELIRIUM or THE CATASTROPHIC HISTORY OF YOU AND ME.  Because I just can't help myself..


What are your reading plans?!


Natalie said...

Lol I'm in the same dilemma! I have so many books on my shelf that I was DYING to read when I first got them but now other books have caught my interest and its hard to feel motivated to read them again. I should make a schedule like you that I can try to stick to if possible!

Yaseena said...

hahah I love that you're so excited about all your books - but yes I can imagine you picking them all up in a frenzy trying to decide which one(s) to read! My roommate just read Hunger Games and is one of the few I've heard who didn't love it. I think she'll love the movie though :)

Ikhlas said...

Hahahha I'm kind of in the same dilemma. I've won so many books over the past few months that I have no time to read them, because all the books I put on hold last year are all coming in! -_-

But omg I am SO excited for you to FINALLY read The Hunger Games. yayyyyyy!

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