Friday, March 2, 2012

Judging a book by its cover..

For anyone who follows this blog on a regular basis, you will know that last year, I read (what became) one of my favourite books ever: Alma Katsu's THE TAKER.  Katsu absolutely captured me in so many ways and if you want a reminder or encouragement to read it, check out my original review here.  And while I'm at it, a few wonderful reviews have been posted since from great Canadian bloggers I follow: Andrea's review on Cozy Up With A Good Read and Ikhlas's review at The Whimsical Whims of Ikhlas Hussain.  I also branded it with my Staff Picks sticker (my very first pick -- woo!) at Indigo Spirit where I am working part-time.  Now.. onward.

As I was interning with Simon & Schuster when the new cover was being contemplated, I can say that I have been waiting patiently for its debut so that I can post about it here.  I loved THE TAKER's original cover -- the eerie castle in the distance and the creepy but royal look it possessed.  However, a new edition will be coming out at the end of March with a completely different twist on it.  To me, this cover is absolutely stunning but slightly reminiscent of a YA cover.  I have a feeling this will be more eye-catching on a shelf and hopefully it will draw in the audience that THE TAKER rightly deserves, however, I also fear that teens will pick it up when it might not exactly be an appropriate teen read.

 What are your thoughts on both of these, extremely different but equally lovely covers?  Oh, and if you haven't read this book yet -- PLEASE DO!  Click on either image to be directed to the Chapters Indigo website for purchase details.


Ikhlas said...

Wow its gorgeous!! I agree, the new one is slightly more eye-catching, and it also might draw in YA readers...which this book definitely isn't.

But I'm SO excited to buy the paperback now!
Great post, Chelse and thanks for the mention!! :)

Natalie said...

I actually like the original cover much more than the new one! For some reason the new one creeps me out a bit... I really need to read this one though! *sigh* My to-read list is much too big for me to ever accomplish!

Mimi Valentine said...

Oh my WOW -- those covers are both so gorgeous! <3 I love how simple and chilling that first cover is too, especially with that soft and sort-of eerie look, but I agree that the second cover is much more eye-catching! I think that anything with a mask will catch my eye, although I have to admit that I DID think it was a YA book at first LOL! x)

And that's so cool how you were interning for Simon & Schuster, Chelsey! S&S is probably one of my favourite publishers and I'm sure it was a blast! :)

Maja said...

Hm, I'm not quite as diplomatic as you are. I loved the original cover. I was drawn to it as soon as I saw it on my friend's blog. The new one reminds me far too much of YA paranormal romance covers.

I remember how much you liked this book, you were the second of my friends who enjoyed it so much. I own a copy so I really hope I'll get around to it soon.

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