Thursday, March 22, 2012


As I get older, I feel like I become even more proud to be Canadian.  I am proud of our land, our people and (being in the realm of the arts) our talent.  My interest in Canadian writing has peaked over the past year but also, I have tried to hone in a bit more on Canadian musical talent.  Luckily for me, one of my newest favourite talents is not only local, but a friend! 

Before moving to Montreal, I spent one year at Carleton University in the Journalism program -- and in residence.  Being in res is an experience in its own.  I met so many interesting people and in turn, learned a bit more about myself.  One person I saw a lot of, as he was in the same program as me and also on my floor, was Gabriel DeSantis.  Though you could sometimes hear his soft singing and guitar-strumming seeping through the walls, I had no idea how truly talented Gabe was.

Now, preforming under the name Whitebrow, Gabe is rising in the Toronto scene.  I attended his EP release a few months back and another show in the downtown Toronto core just last night and had to share some of his stuff with you all.  Whitebrow's music is categorized as mostly folk-blues, but his command of a multitude of genres is what makes him so compelling to listen to.  With both a guitar and a harmonica, Whitebrow performs original music as well as covers from Bon Iver to Sublime.  Not to mention his cover of Jackson Browne's These Days actually brought tears to my eyes last night!

Do me a favour and visit his Reverbnation page, watch some of his videos and check him out on CBC's music player.  Watching a fellow Canadian succeed is one thing, but knowing them personally adds a whole other aspect (speaking of Canadian, check out his song, Northern Lights for some patriotic lyrics).  His music is wonderful -- enjoy! 


Anonymous said...

I love being a Canadian! And I love Canadian music. :) I'm quite happy to be a musician among all of the other fabulous musicians this country has to offer. Thanks for the recommendation ... I love finding new music!

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