I shall start by saying that I never know what to write in “about me” postings.  I know it is the standard for book bloggers to have an “about me” page and so I feel as though I should at least make an attempt, so here it is:

So!  As probably assumed, the photo to your right would be me, and my pride and joy — my bookshelf!  Reading has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  From Robert Munch to the Bernstein Bears to Anne of Green Gables to Harry Potter to Douglas Coupland and the million other books that currently stock my shelves — I have always  loved the written word.

I have an addiction to buying books and am even more addicted to talking about them.  I will always have a book in my purse (or 4) and cannot go to sleep without – at the very least – a few pages of my current book.  I read the occasional non-fiction, tons of literary fiction, tons of YA and also, memoirs and biographies.

I'm currently working towards a career in the publishing industry, and hopefully will spend my working life surrounded by the things I love.

As far as I go, I think that’s pretty good!