Blogging has become one of the most independent ways to express yourself, and I have been a fan of it for years now.  It would truly benefit me to stick to one blog, BUT there is a story behind it all!

I began blogging in 2008, when I moved to Montreal for school.  Being extremely close to my parents, it was hard for them to see my world through any other windows than the ones I provided with phone calls.  Always being supporters of writing, I decided the best way for them to see my everyday life was through my random blog entries.  This idea became my first blog, which still exists though is no longer updated, Bright Lights, Big City.

While still in Montreal, I began following many people in the book blogging community.  I loved the way they talked so passionately about books that I also adored.  Books became my main focus and I blogged about what I was reading, what I hoped to read and any other book news I wanted to share.  I still interspersed my own personal ramblings into my blog -- keeping it as unique as I could.

In May of last year, I started the Humber College Creative Book Publishing Program and was given the task to start up a blog of some sort.  With all the tools available to me, I began Chelly Books.  Chelly was a nickname given to me by my boyfriends cousin the day she met me.  It has stuck for years and with five minutes to come up with a blog title, this was it!  Chelly Books became a more mature and regulated blog, one I felt held more of my personality in both layout and text.  Until my internship with Simon & Schuster began. 

Chelly Books also still exists, but not for much longer.  So many different aspects went into making this blog (domain names, servers, analytics) that I am not fully aware of how to maintain.  In less than a year, my server subscription with my old professor will run out and sadly, I cannot afford the $99/yr asking price for up keeping the server.  Instead, I poured all of my book loving passion into my posts with S&S's blogs, YA Simon and Simon Reads

I began to miss writing and now THIS blog exists!  It is not a professional review blog and I am not looking to make it one -- just personal ramblings about life and the books I love.  If you have been a follower of either Bright Lights, Big City or Chelly Books, I apologize for all the moving.  If you are a new reader, thank you for stopping by!